About this blog

This blog was established in 2018 as a platform for me to share with readers stories of my travels around the UK, and further afield. The intention of the blog is to share experiences, provide advice and travel tips as well as first hand knowledge of destinations and places I visit. On this blog you will find reviews of destinations, hotels, restaurants and attractions amongst many other posts in between. If you love travelling, going away, or going on day trips then you’ll feel right at home here. If you’ve ever wondered what treasures there are in the UK for you to discover then you’re in the right place as I will cover lots of these whilst travelling. My aim is to eventually cover the entire of the UK through my travels. Below is a photo I took on a drive through The Lake District on our way to Ullswater.

Lake District National Park, Cumbria

What posts can you expect?

The posts on this blog will be informative but also act as a guide for you to plan days out and travel around the UK and further afield. Itineraries will be provided of trips I plan so that you can recreate them and experience the same places I do. The hope is that my posts will act as inspiration for you to go and travel, but more specifically to places you may not have visited before. My posts will be varied and will include reviews of restaurants, attractions and hotels or accommodation providers I visit, as well as providing travel tips and advice on destinations. So if you’ve ever fancied visiting Amsterdam but don’t know where to eat, I can help guide you to the best pancake cafe and so much more.

I have spent a good part of the last few years of my life teaching my students about the world and what is out there, but in actual fact, I haven’t visited that many places myself. So what better way to enhance my own knowledge than to get out there and start travelling. As I travel I will document what I see, find, and discover and pass this first hand knowledge onto you. The main posts within this blog will be from my travels across the UK, as let’s face it we are all guilty of not exploring our homeland aren’t we. There are so many beautiful places in the UK to visit, some popular and others off the beaten track. I would like to see as many of these as possible and learn about the history and culture of the UK whilst doing so.

How often will posts be published?

Posts will be published regularly, on a weekly basis wherever possible. But as you can imagine, life sometimes does unfortunately get in the way. And at current, this is not my full time job. I really wish it was, but for now I am travelling alongside a full time teaching career with the endeavour to one day be a full time traveller and blogger.


You’re probably wondering whether or not this blog is worth reading? Do I have any credibility? Well, as the blog is newly established it has not been featured in any fantastic magazines or articles yet, however I personally have a wealth of experience within the travel field which I can bring to the table. I have a Ba (Hons) International Tourism Management Degree whereby I graduated with a first class honours. In addition to previously working as a travel assistant for a local travel company, and I have spent the last couple of years teaching travel and tourism across the further education sector. So, hopefully my passion, knowledge and limited travel experience will shine through in my posts, and my knowledge will only continue to grow as I get out and visit more places.

About me

Now that you know what the blog is about, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Claire, I am a travel and tourism lecturer at a local college and absolutely love travel and anything to do with travelling. My passion for travel has been one which I have had for several years now, starting when I undertook my A levels quite a few years ago. I found my real desire to discover more about the travel and tourism industry during my A levels, which led to me undertaking my degree and then pursuing a career in teaching Travel and Tourism to college students. I have in no means travelled extensively as I mentioned above, however, I have a lot of places on my bucket list both in the UK and across Europe and the World.

I love anything to do with travel, from the planning the trips and itineraries, right through to the packing and actually travelling. I love passing on this passion to others, hence teaching travel. It has dawned on me over the last year or so that I tell my students on a daily basis about wonders of the world, and discuss destinations in depth, but I haven’t actually travelled to many of them.

A couple of years ago I was bought one of those scratch off world maps where you can scratch off when you visit a destination. I’m sure you’re familiar with the ones I mean. Well, I’ve only managed to scratch off Paris and Amsterdam as well as a few places in the UK. So hopefully this blog will help me scratch some more places off as well as helping both me develop myself and my knowledge of the world, but also to pass this onto you and hopefully help you too.


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