About Me

I’m Claire. A twenty something travel and tourism lecturer from Lincolnshire, England. I have been travelling for many years and have visited multiple countries as well as exploring the UK in depth. This blog is all about me exploring the world as well as the country I live within allowing me to cross multiple items off my travel bucket list. As a travel lecturer and enthusiast I have a profound interest in exploring the world and everything it has to offer. This blog feautures reviews of campsites, hotels and other accommodation providers as well as destinations and attractions I have visited. In addition to travel tips and inspirational posts to assist others with their travel planning.

What I will consider

I am more than happy to be contacted about sponsored posts (for attractions, hotels, entertainment, travel companies, holiday parks etc). In addition to product reviews, competitions and giveaways and guests posts with either me writing for you or you featuring on my site. I can write about majority of aspects of travel, with my main focus being on travelling as a couple and on a budget, but I am more than happy to consider other posts.

I started blogging in July 2018, which is when talesofatravelfanatic was born. My follows and likes are rapidly growing on social media with over 500 followers on the main three social media channels. All posts are written honestly and are my own opinions, so you can guarantee that you will recieve a genuine post. Posts which I have previously written have been sent to attractions and accommodation providers and very positive feedback has been recieved in addition to shares on social media.

Please approach me with any projects you may have, I am happy to consider anything that is fitting with the theme of my blog. Looking forward to hearing from you!

You can find me at:

Facebook: @talesofatravelfanatic

Twitter: @talesofatravelf

Instagram: @talesofatravelfanatic

Pinterest: @TravelFanTales

 E-mail: Claire@talesofatravelfanatic.com